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I'm a non-commercial photographer, and much of my work is of personal interest only. However, I often take people photographs for charitable and other not-for-profit organisations in Northampton, to help with their promotion. People photography is in fact my over-riding interest because, apart from animals, it is only people that convey emotion, feelings, and spirit: for me, photography is about those things.


The photographs I take of people could be categorised simply as either in a studio, or, out of a studio.


The 'advantage' of studio shots is that the photographer is (theoretically) in control of all aspects of the shoot, including choice of model for the specific purpose (such as fashion, punk or goth, or tasteful nude).

My preference is very much for moody black & white, and, artistic images, and I admire work by (eg) Cecil Beaton, David Bailey, John Swannell, and Barry Lategan amongst others.

Unfortunately though, I've done little of this style of photography lately, so it doesn't feature prominently on this site.


Photographs I take out of a studio use whatever combination of elements (eg people, weather, locations) that are present at the time. They could be sub-grouped into headings such as environmental portraits, street photography, reportage, or even photojournalism, etc. The images that I include in the category could be taken anywhere that the subjects frequent, such as home, work, at leisure, whilst travelling, etc, etc, and they could be taken in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

Although many photographers would disagree with me, I'd say that the border between the non-studio groups is often so blurred as to be meaningless. To further upset the purists, I should also make clear that I do not accept that street photography must be candid: if the subject / object is in or is visible from a place frequented by the public, and the elements have not been set up for the purpose of the shot, that is street photography as far as I'm concerned (in one or more of its guises). So sorry to all you dogmatists and bigots, but my opinion is just as valid as yours!


In these categories, I admire work by (eg) Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Don McCullin, and Steve McCurry amongst others. However, I also watch with envy the work of two rising stars: Chris Kingsford-Curram, &, Lee Welton.



(with apologies to John Lennon & Paul McCartney).




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Latest Posts

Northampton Music Festival 2019

Posted on 22nd June, 2019

The 12th annual Northampton Music Festival took place in the town centre, on Sunday 16th June, 2019. It's a superb free  event, with a wide cross-section of music genres spread over 6 venues.


Unfortunately, the 'jazz' stage was a disappointment for me, with much of what I think is called 'funk' rather than what I would call jazz: certainly not trad jazz anyway. Making up for a trad jazz deficiency however, were outstanding performances on the main stage from Lunaxis, Kings Gambit, and the headlining Blockheads. (And luckily, I got my trad jazz fix a few days later, when I saw Edinburgh's brilliant Tenement Jazz Band at The Walnut Tree, Blisworth).


The photo features the charismatic Norman Watt-Roy, bass guitarist of The Blockheads, obligingly looking straight into the lens. The Blockheads originally backed the sadly-deceased Ian Dury, but is a great band in its own right, putting on a storming show.

Councillor Nazim Choudary, the 779th Mayor of Northampton, with representatives of his chosen charity The Lowdown.



The Lowdown is a counselling, sexual health and LGBTQ support service offering a free and confidential service six days a week to children and young adults in distress or experiencing crisis.



Photo was taken at an event at the town's historic Guildhall on 6th June 2019, where the Mayor was able to meet various sections of the community. Obviously, it was a great honour and privilege to be allowed to attend.

Northampton County Beer Festival 2019

Posted on 9th June, 2019

The 2019 Northampton County Beer Festival was held at Becket's Park, between the River Nene and the town centre, from Friday 31st May until the Sunday.








Photos were taken on 1st June, and show Arran, Karnal, and Paul. They're my three partners in boozing crime, with each showing their unique brand of contempt, knowing that they were to make up this rogue's gallery.







The friends of Becket's Park (known as the Buddies of Becket's) have made amazing strides in the last two or three years to improve the place, with the result that an increasing number of outdoor events have made it their go-to venue. All credit to both the park and the event promoters.


A new blog for a new website.

Posted on 9th June, 2019

I'm starting this new attempt to build a blog with no promises regarding its longevity. I've tried twice before (on my previous site RobBolerShootsPeople.com), and both have ended in tears, so this one is in hope rather than expectation. Perhaps the fact that I'm making no promises will help it to survive though, as I'm putting less pressure on myself that way.


One thing I wanted to emphasise in this first posting, is the fact that this new site is (hopefully) mobile-friendly. That's been necessary because most website-access is carried out that way nowdays, but also because Google has apparently decided that mobile-friendly sites will appear higher up in its search results.


Anyway, it's now in business, on an ad-hoc rather than frequent / regular basis, so please give it a try.